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2017 MOS Medallion Hunt


AUGUST 10th - By Chet and Monica Turner of Mulvane


2017 Medallion Winners

Clues will be posted starting August 10th!

Watch for clues on Cable Channel 7
Posted at the Museum Board, Main Street Park and Carson Bank (Main Bank)
They will also be posted on the website each day.

Clue #1 - It flooded here last year.


Clue #2 -


Clue #3 -


Clue #4 -


Clue #5 -

Clue #6 -


Clue #7 -

Clue #8 -

Clue #9 -




The Mulvane Old Settlers Medallion Hunt Committee would like to thank everyone for participating!


The Medallion Hunt committee congratulates you, Debbie!

Medallion Hunt Rules!

  1. The medallion will be hidden on public land in or near Mulvane. It can be found without trespassing, damaging or defacing land or property or otherwise violating any laws. It is made of plaster and is about 5 1/2 inches in diameter, an inch thick and will feature the official logo.
  2. Anyone is eligible to join the Mulvane Old Settlers Medallion hunt except memb3rs of the MOS, employees of the Mulvane News, and the Mulvane City Manager and any other employee involved with the clues. Also, any members of the immediate households from the above groups.
  3. Clues will be posted daily by 8:15 a.m. at the Main Street Park and teh Historical Museum bulletin boards.
  4. To be eligible for the prize of $175 from the MOS Committee and a $50 Visa gift card from Carson Bank, the finder of the MOS Medallion must present the Medallion to a designated representative of the MOS by calling Melanie McMillan, chairperson, at (316)200-6613 and the finder must have purchased a MOS button.
  5. If the Medallion is not presented to the designated representative of the MOS Committee by 9:00 a.m., August 17, 2013, the MOS Committee reserves the right to terminate the hunt and turn the prize over to a charity of their choice.
  6. The decisions of the MOS is FINAL. The MOS assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries sustained by participants. Participants are urged to use reasonable safety precautions, good sportsmanship, and well mannered conduct. All applicable rules, laws and regulations must be followed. Violators may be disqualified and forfeit any claim to the prize at the sole discretion of the MOS Committee.

2016 Mulvane Old Settlers Medallion Hunt Prize
Mulvane Old Settlers - $175 Cash
Carson Bank - $50 Gift Card